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Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK emphasized the vital importance of education when founding the Turkish Republic. Within his founding principles, Atatürk developed and guided the establishment of the Turkish Education Association in 1928. This was to promote and assure a high quality of education in Turkish schools.

Ismet Inonu, who later became the second president of Turkey, was the first chairman of the Turkish Education Association (TED). He embraced the spirit of ATATÜRK and his work cemented the importance of education for Turkey. The emblem was designed to reflect TED’S values and its history with the crescent moon from the national flag, the torch as a symbol of excellent education and the five stars to show gratitude and respect to the five original administrative committee members.

Turkish Education Association (TED) Karabük College was established in 21.10.1962 with the application of 71 founder members in the meeting of TED head office, bearing the date 18.19.1962.TED Karabük College’s secondary school started its education with 43 students in the academic years 1964 -1965 with the approval of Ministry of Turkish Education, dating 19.07.1963. In the academic years 1967-1968 TED College’s high school with extra English courses and in 1968-1969 its secondary school started education. In 06-04.1967, TED College was accredited as a part of Ministry of Turkish Education.

In the education years 1982-1983, TED Karabük College’s boarding school welcomed 220 students both male and female. However, its dormitory for female students was closed for 13 years in the beginning of academic year 1991. Then, female and male students were welcomed by TED Karabük College’s boarding part again in 2004-2005 and now it warmly welcomes all students who would like to stay at the school.

Residential area of our school was provided by Demir-Celik factory. In 03.08 1967, the construction of school building started and it was completed in 04.10.1968 as a new building with double – storied and 16 classrooms. In 1982, our dormitory and in 1986 our dining hall were built.

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