Primary School
1-4 Grades

Our school has an important role in the education of an individual which is a necessity of our era. Our program uses student centred education, contemporary teaching methods, observation studies, learning abstract concepts through concrete concepts, active learning methods and authentic learning environments to help our students develop to their fullest potential.  After graduation many of our students will be academically and socially successful in national and international affairs of their choice.

Our aim is to create environments to evoke their curiosity and their ability for learning and to educate happy individuals who take pleasure in learning activities, who are at peace with nature, who have necessary education for developing science and technology and basic sciences.  Life-long learning, willingness for learning and producing knowledge are our conditions. In the rapid developing science and technology era. Our students’ knowledge is permanent because they learn through their experiences. They can think creatively and critically.

Finally we aim to raise children who are devoted to Ataturk’s principles and revolutions, who are secular, democrat, modern individuals. 

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