Secondary School
4-8 Grades

Our program for 6-8 grades is designed to raise students who are successful not only at all school subjects but also at sports, art and music. In our school much importance is given to teaching our students at least two languages. English and German are taught at an early age so that pupils can read, write, speak and understand them better.
According to European Common Language Framework, each person should be able to speak at least two languages and express his emotions and thoughts in these languages, besides his own mother language.

Our school aims to teach the pupils four language skills (speaking-reading-writing-listening) using a programme prepared according to European Common Language Framework. Our lessons are mainly student centered and we try to teach everyday language using daily dialogues and real situations.
Our students don’t need to have private lessons or attend private institutions to be prepared for SBS exams. Every Saturday from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm all students are at school learning and practicing test techniques in Turkish, Maths, Science and Social Sciences. Our students are among the most successful ones in Karabük so confidence and prestige of TED Karabük is growing rapidly.

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