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TED Karabük College aims to train creative individuals who can think critically. In order to realize this target, student-centered education, contemporary teaching methods, and real-world or authentic learning environments are used at our school. Our rigorous academic program challenges our students not only intellectually but also personally, emotionally and socially.

TED Karabük College attaches great importance to integrity of education system and the value of every individual student. We do this just from the nursery school to the 12th grade. As we are the teaching staff, we always take the individual differences into consideration when we develop high quality ethic and academic standards and goals. Our bilingual students are self-confident, innovative, and initiative as they learn efficiently and enthusiastically.

Our students are also studying German, which enables them to feel superior to their counterparts in public schools and to communicate in other international platforms and programs. We have always been dauntless defenders of our great leader ATATÜRK’s principles and revolutionary ideas since our college was established in 1964 as a third member of the TED Family.


1 st CYD ( Council of Young Delegates ) Conference was held in or school. With the help of this conference our goal  was to develop our youth on putting forward an idea and we gathered our conference. We also invited other schools both from Karabük and other cities such as TED Polatlı, TED Kdz Ereğli, TED Zonguldak and Mehmet Vergili Science High School. 

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